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 CAMP SHAGABEC registration starts soon!  Online registration begins at midnight on Friday February 1. Forms (available online and at FAM) can also be filled out now and sent through the mail. The junior and senior camps tend to fill up quite quickly!  Information is on our Faith Formation bulletin board, and further info and forms at their website  Camps are offered for ages 6-18, ranging from 3 to 6 days.  If costs are prohibitive to you, some funding is available through our Faith Formation and Christian Education committee - please ask either myself or Maureen in the office.  The camp is located in Cypress Hills, SK, just 1.5 hours from here.  Our other camp, Canyon Church Camp in Waterton, unfortunately will still be closed this year due to rebuilding from the Kenow wildfires of 2017. 


Also, you may have heard Rev Dave's sermon on Sunday, encouraging people to get involved in the church board. I've been on it the last 6 years and have found it very fulfilling.

There are positions available as Vice Chair of the Board, Ministry and Personnel (re staffing), Congregational Life (planning fun events to bring people together) and Faith Formation &

Christian Education.  I've been involved in FFCE for many years, as secretary and then Chair, and while I've really enjoyed it, I feel that it's time for me to move on to other things.  Please consider becoming involved in this committee which helps support the Sunday School & youth ministry; oversees the FAM library; promotes study groups; plans Camp Sunday and Sundae Sunday food events, and also assists with Messy Church gatherings. We generally meet just once every two months, from Sept to June.   If you're interested in supporting our Christian education programs (both youth and adult) in this way, please consider joining our committee. If we could have 2 new members, that'd be great, as we have 3 at the moment including myself. I can also send out further information. Any questions, please ask!  







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