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Sunday School Schedule – November 2017 to January 2018


Saturday, Nov 24th       Get-a-Jump-on-Christmas Family Fellowship Event.  After supper we will present the Sunday School 
                                      Christmas play to the kids, assign parts and practice the music that goes with the play.  Parents will be 
                                      asked to help prepare props and costumes.  If your child would like a part in the play but cannot be 
                                      present at this event, please let Brenda know


                                                          Sunday, Nov 25th       Regular Sunday School classes


Sunday, Dec 2nd          Full practice of the play during Sunday School time downstairs.  The kids will be fitted with costumes during 
                                     this practice.  If children would like a speaking part, it will be important to be present on this Sunday. 


Sunday, Dec 9th        The Christmas Play will be presented during the morning service.  We will ask the kids to be at the church at 
                                   9:15am so they can get costumes on and practice using the microphones.  There will be treat bags for each 
                                   of the kids following the service.  If extra kids will be attending that day, please let me know so we can make 
                                   extra bags.


Sunday, Dec 16th      Choir Service.  The kids will be upstairs during the service at the back of the sanctuary with Christmas crafts
                                   and activities.  The older kids will be asked to help with compiling craft bags for the Christmas Eve Services.


Sunday, Dec 23rd       Christmas movies and crafts in the Memorial Salem room (room with couches near the gym)


                                                         Sunday, Dec 30th        Christmas movies and crafts in the Memorial Salem room


                                                         Sunday, Jan 6th          Regular Sunday School resumes



You are invited to our

Family Fellowship

Get-a-Jump-on-Christmas Event

Saturday, November 24th

5:00 – 8:00pm

At the Church

 Supper will be provided and will be served at 5:30pm

For our November Family Fellowship event, we will gather at the church and offer activities to help us get prepared for Christmas at home and at church.

The event will include a Sunday School Christmas Play practice for the kids, to give us a head-start on the speaking parts and songs.  If there are props and costumes needed, the parents will work on them while the kids are practicing. 

As we did last year, we plan to offer some Christmas workshops for the parents to help us all get some of our pre-Christmas tasks completed.

Listed below are some possibilities for Christmas workshops, but we are open to more ideas.  If you can offer assistance with baking, photography or computer skills, please let me know.   If you are not able to offer assistance – please come anyway!

  • Baking:  We could use the kitchen to make cookies that can be frozen so you have baking in your freezer when you need it
  • Writing a Christmas Letter: We could talk about computer programs that are helpful and hints on how to write a great letter – bring your laptops
  • Christmas card writing: Bring your cards and have the time and space to get them written
  • The hard-to-buy-for:  Bring any catalogues or website addresses that you have found helpful in finding that perfect gift and we will share ideas.
  • Christmas craft for the kids:  We will help the kids build Christmas cards that can be given to Grandparents or Aunts and Uncles.
  • Quick family pictures:  Families could pose for quick family portraits that can be emailed and included in Christmas cards or letters. 


Please let us know whether you can attend and whether there are any food allergies in your family. 

We hope to see you there!







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