Fifth Avenue Memorial United Church.

We worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.

Please be our guest this Sunday.

We will make you welcome and respect your individuality and your dignity regardless of your race or class, age or sexuality, background or income.



 Dec 24—Jan 1—Church office closed

 Jan 20—2019 Proposed Budget discussion 
                after Church Service in 
Memorial Salem Room 

Jan 27—Annual General Meeting after Church Service.  
               Potluck lunch

Jan. 29 - Paint with Painter Girl

Feb 12– Full Board Meeting


Our Vision:
Lives and communities transformed in the image of Jesus Christ.

Our Goal:

Increase participation of the public in church life 
Deepen the spirituality of people within the church family and beyond it

Provide opportunity for discipleship by people with vision, skill and courage.

Assist people to bring the gospel to the world through personal faith sharing and justice advocacy.
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